What’s a Science of Parenting Class?

Science of Parenting: A Building Emotional Understanding Class

Led by Julianne Idleman, Certified Parenting by Connection Trainer

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How does the latest research inform our choices as parents? We’ll look at ways we can use current science to reduce the stress of parenting and create the warm cooperative family atmosphere we all want to share with our children. This class will give you a new perspective on your child’s emotional moments and how to set limits in a way that builds strong relationships. You’ll take home six new tools for resolving children’s off-track behavior, and for getting the support you need. Learn about interpersonal neurobiology and stress-reducing listening skills.

You’ll Participate In: 

  •  9 hours of live, instructor-led conference calls for your questions and discussion (1.5 hours each week for 6 weeks)
  • Over 7 hours of video lessons from our founder, Patty Wipfler
  • An online discussion group to receive and share support with other parents
  • 9 digital booklets and 1 digital class book available for download
  • 8 week access to online classroom for self-paced learning
  • Class size limited to no more than 6 parents for maximum support from your Instructor
  • An opportunity to use the latest research to transform your parenting and your family!

High speed Internet access is recommended. Class sizes will be limited. Register early.

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